Flea market in Alfama

Weekend flea market in Alfama - the oldest area of Lisbon.

Settling in Campo de Santa Clara, parish of São Vicente- "Feira da Ladra" is a popular place among tourists and locals. 
Address : Campo de Santa Clara, 1100-472 Lisbon
Market called "Feira da Ladra" which is basically "Flea market" translated in Portuguese (from the word "a ladrão"- a thief). You can visit on Tuesdays and Saturdays from early morning. I suggest to come when it's still early, so you don’t have that stress of everyone being sneaking around and you get the opportunity to buy something special while there is some.

On Saturday morning the weather was great and we decided to go to Lisbon for the market. Because I am currently creating a series of abstract collages I wanted to buy pretty frames with glass. Lots of them. To complicate things even further, I was intended to buy antique ones. As a result I found one metal real antique one ( I was lucky enough to find it)  and a few just old ones made of wood) If you are motivated enough to spend a couple of hours, there are very nice possibilities to buy old and wooden frames with gold deco at a price starting from 5 €, to find them you need to dig really deep .  there are also a lot of cheap old frames like you can find in a basic photo store. The price starts from 0,50- 1 €. These are usually lying on the ground with other inexpensive junk and do not represent any aesthetic value to me. In addition to the frames, of course, there are many interesting things on the market. My friend bought beautiful plates with traditional Portuguese ornaments for 4€, a cup and a saucer for 9€.  My son has bought nice car toys ad a few marble balls, here they called berlindes. Eventually, we were so tired of floating around the market so we took a break at the Copenhagen Cafe, which is located right next to the market around the corner. The cardamom bun is my personal favorite. This cafe is not cheap but always full of people. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, busiest tables are outside the cafe on the street. How nice is to be drinking coffee under the warm Lisbon sun huh. Secondly, the view is great - Panteão national- the big beautiful church which you can actually visit for 4€. Finally, as I said, the cardamon bun...So with all that in your mind, I am absolutely sure, you will plan your absolutely gorgeous time on a flea market on your next visit.

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