Dear reader.

This is my very first post and I am excited to begin this new adventure.  I had this whole post idea the other day when I was reorganizing my website.


My name is Nastya (Anastasia), I am an illustrator. My portfolio is available on this page, I believe you've had an opportunity to look through. 

We moved to Cascais from Moscow in 2019 with my family, and immediately fell in love with the city. It was crazy switch from huge cold Russia for warm and tiny Portugal.  Although I have never been here before and I chose the destination by pointing out on the map. And I've made a right choice. It is incredibly cozy, beautiful and welcoming small village of a Portugal Riviera. Local people call it Villa de Cascais. 


Pretty close to famous historical cities such are Lisbon and Sintra, at the same time it’s far enough from the busy city life we dreamed to escape.  It’s like they say – big cities are exhausting. That's true. Traffic jams, dusty air, crowdy metro stations. 

And then it feels so good when you decide to move in a small town. That’s kind of what’s happened to us. 


Right before we moved, I did the research about Cascais and collected a lot of beautiful photos on Pinterest. You can find them here.

Not only surfing in the Atlantic Ocean, Cascais is full of activities for the whole family!

During two years we have been exploring the area, walking around the town, riding a bike along the ocean coast, surfing on magical Guincho beach, hiking in the mysterious forests of Sintra and enjoying the views. 

Being a born and bred Russian, I get asked a lot about Russian culture, why we moved, why we chose this town, how I work and what inspires me.


My idea was to share my life experience as an artist and as a local habitant in this blog. 

On top of that, it's really worth to highlight the most significant Cascais/ Lisbon area activities, whether it is a nature walk or a city market during weekend, or an exhibition visit.

Speaking of art, I’m obsessed with all sorts of creative processes. My style in illustration has changed a lot during past two years.

I think about my life back then in Moscow and my life now in pretty town by the Ocean.

Sometimes I do feel like living here has affected me a lot and I want to tell about it.

I am sure I'll find my audience) 



On one of the pictures you can see the Santa Marta lighthouse (Farol de SantaMarta)- my inspiration and one of the main symbols of the city of Cascais. There are others lighthouses around but this one is special.

First of all it's blue, and it looks gorgeous with a sky. Second of all there is a pretty cafe right in front of the entrance called Lusophonica. 

It is impossible to pass by this lighthouse and not admire the view.

A lot of tourists are standing still one after another to take a picture of a lighthouse to post on social media. I understand them)

By the way there is a picturesque view of the bay from the very top of the lighthouse which is open for a visit as well as the small museum nearby.