Feira D'Avila

It's Sunday morning, my son and I decided to go for the local market in center of Cascais. It takes fifteen minutes by walk from our home. On Saturdays and Sundays there is a farmers market where you can buy fresh flowers, veggies, fruits and etc. At the same time Flea market called Feira D'Avila takes place every 1|4|5 Sunday. If you miss this one in Cascais don't worry,  this market also happening every Thursday and Friday on Avenida Duque de Ávila in Lisbon. Apart from local artists who sell hand made stuff, there are also antique pieces by Portuguese collectors. A lot of the things are a bit useless for me, but I always try to search carefully for what interests me at the moment. Fortunately, I have bought  a couple of old wooden frames for my current project. Yes, frames again. It’s a pretty big deal for me, especially considering that I usually become very motivated when it comes to creating art by request. I still have a few frames to find though. As for my son, he really loves piles of old toys. He keeps digging deep trying to find a treasure toy to take. Eventually after half an hour poking around in a heap, he bought an old toy robot for 1 Euro. After that we couldn't resist of a box of fresh fragrant strawberry, which was successfully eaten on a bench on our way home). When I go to the market I usually buy cup of coffee for take away by "Fabrica coffee roasters". This company exists in Portugal with five locations in Lisbon and one in Porto by the moment. I love this coffee, especially cappuccino wit an oat milk) Of course we couldn't leave without a bunch of fresh flowers for 4 Euro which by the way smells absolutely amazing. I put it in a vase at home it gives me an essence of summer.  Speaking of flowers, I do need to go to the gardening store to buy plants for our balcony as half of my balcony plants have died during winter) And I suppose this will be my next post.