madeira island

a land of green

This year, we had the opportunity to visit Madeira. It was our first time on this island after spending four years in Portugal. Madeira is a part of Portugal as well as Azores islands. While we were there, I couldn't shake the feeling of being in green  paradise, tucked away in this tranquil corner of the world. Madeira is an incredibly lush island, teeming with plant life I had never seen before, towering mountains, majestic waterfalls, enormous monstera leaves, and misty foggy forests. The warm, boundless ocean surrounds it, offering a taste of tropical fruits with various flavours, and the air carries the scent of a perfect world blended with hints of essential oils. I can't wait to return, stroll through the forests, eat once again true Madeiran bananas, and simply unwind. During these two weeks we visited almost the entire Island, driving through endless tunnels back and forth, seeing sunsets from the top points of the Island, swimming by the dolphins in the Atlantics. I liked being far away of the big land, it made my thoughts and my mind clearer. I missed my home near Lisbon though... )


Here's my top 10 list of places to visit in Madeira:


  •        Monte Palace Tropical Garden
  •         Botanical Garden
  •         Funchal Cable Car
  •         Fanal Forest
  •         Floresta das Queimadas
  •         Pico do Arieiro
  •         Cabo Girão
  •         Natural Pools of Porto Moniz
  •         Garajau Beach
  •         Santana's Traditional Houses